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14k gold wrapped pendant


Colorful 14k gold wrapped pendant with lucky character small pendant, DIY bracelet, necklace, jewelry, beaded material

Beaded pendant accessories


Alloy glass safety buckle, auspicious cloud lock pendant, long life lock DIY hanging ring inlaid with transparent beaded pendant accessories

Clavicular chain


N0066 European and American cool style women's lock necklaces, niche temperament, personalized accessories, collarbone chains, fashionable accessories, cross-border trend

Fashion Ring


French designer pearl copper plated coffee gold two-piece set ring, niche fashion ring, small and trendy bracelet for women

Female Qiangguang Neckchain


Female Qiangguang Neckchain

Glass drill full neck chain


Super sparkling alloy diamond inlaid multi-layer elliptical glass diamond full diamond neckchain necklace for women, European and American banquet accessories, choker